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Internal Control
Internal Control in Smaller Entities
Fraud Prevention
Introduction to Internal Control
Enterprise Risk Management
Investment Real Estate
Real Estate Investment - Minimize Losses & Maximize Gains
Using KPIs in Smaller Entities
Using KPIs in the Public Sector
Using KPIs in Professional Practice
Improving Your Bottom Line Using KPIs
The Accidental Salesperson: sales skills for people who hate selling
Make Question-asking Your Superpower
Be a Better Ally: Creating a 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive culture
Followership: The F-word that complements leadership
The FliPsides of Collaborative Decision Making
Neuroscience at Work: Work smarter, not harder
Followership: The skills you need now more than ever
Collaboration: How to ROCK IT like The Beatles
Inclusive leadership: Be a leader people WANT to follow
Personal Growth
Emotional Intelligence: Make deeper connections
Intensive T2 Corporate Tax Preparation
Intensive Personal Tax Preparation
Personal Tax Preparation Issues - Tips & Traps
In-Depth Personal Tax Overview for Non-Practitioners
Navigating the Maze of Federal COVID-19 Measures
Corporate Investment Income Part 2 – Other Concepts
Corporate Investment Income Part 1 – Conceptual Framework & T2 Return Preparation
Wealth Management
Certainty in Uncertain Times - Strategic Estate Planning
Death, Taxes and Insurance for Business Owners
Lack of Success in Succession Planning
Writing Skills
Email Etiquette - Writing With Confidence
Readability in Business Writing
Conciseness and Attention to Detail for CPAs
Five Rules for Clear Business Writing