This course will focus on will planning, use of trusts, and the financial tools available to provide peace of mind when individuals need it the most! By having knowledge of the different estate planning options available, Canadians can make well-educated decisions when the unexpected (or expected) life events occur. We will cover the importance of executor selection and the different manners a beneficiary may inherit in Canada. The course will delve into the difference between an 'Inter Vivos' Trust and a 'Testamentary' Trust. Concluding, we will cover financial planning tools that provide the most certainty and peace of mind to Canadians at a time when needed the most.

Learning Objectives
Students will gain a broader understanding of how different estate planning tools and products can benefit individuals in their legacy and retirement planning.

Topics Covered

Financial planning tools and tax strategies reviewed to assist in determining most appropriate retirement and estate planning paths.


President, AMS Wealth Inc.

Tony Salgado, CPA, CA, CFP, CLU

Tony is a tax & estate accountant and insurance advisor working with family-owned businesses providing estate, insurance and succesion planning solutions and strategies. Tony will provide sophisticated estate & insurance planning alternatives with a focus in helping business owners identify issues and opportunities relating to business succession planning. This approach will help clients through the complexities of wealth transition and tax minimization strategies.