Preventing Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace

This course focuses on the responsibilities of managers and directors in creating an ethical environment for their teams and departments. You will learn how to identify threats, red flags and danger signs that may be putting your organization at risk, as well as indicators of widespread ethical misconduct that warrants immediate attention. You will also receive evidence-based, practical guidance on how to implement ethical safeguards in your workplace. This course is designed for those who want to promote an ethical workplace culture and prevent ethical breaches in their teams.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the director’s and management’s responsibilities for ethical behaviour.
  2. Identify high risk behaviours that indicate underlying ethical issues.
  3. Identify indicators of widespread ethical misconduct in an organization.
  4. Assess an organization’s strengths and weaknesses using an ethics risk analysis.
  5. Describe how to implement accounting-specific and organization-wide safeguards.

Topics Covered

  • State of ethics in Canadian workplaces
  • Ethical principles
  • Threats to ethical behaviour
  • Ethics risk analysis
  • High risk behaviours and danger phrases
  • Indicators of widespread misconduct
  • Safeguards for implementation

What's included in the course price?

  • 1 hour of verifiable ethics PD
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to course materials 24/7

What others have said about this course

  • The presenter dealt with key issues about a challenging subject within corporations that go astray. Well presented.

  • I appreciate this course. Some key points to remember are very helpful. I will definitely start using these strategies in my life.

  • I thought this had a lot of good content and was easy to follow. I found it good to handle difficult personalities. The course was very interesting and simple. Those real-life examples will help me keep things in my mind for a very long time.

  • I was recently promoted to supervisor and I face a difficult situation and unethical people every single day. I took this course a few days ago and your tips come in handy when I face those unwanted situations at my workplace.


Founder and Lead Instructor, UltimQuest Knowledge Inc.

Arun K. Mathur, FCPA, FCA, LPA

Arun is Partner at Gerald Duthie & Co. LLP, where he provides professional services to a diverse group of clients. Arun is also Owner and Lead Instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. He has been delivering corporate training on improving governance, ethics, internal control, performance measurement and related topics. He provides live and online training through CPA bodies across Canada and Bermuda. Arun served for several years on the Board for HealthForce Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, and was also Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee there and for the Trillium Gift of Life Network. He has served on the CMA Ontario's Review Committee prior to the merger.