How does the family owned business plan for the transition of their business and their wealth. What are the tax and estate consequences and planning opportunities available to the family owned business when working on succession planning? We will look at some insurance solutions, estate planning solutions and tax planning techniques commonly used in working with family owned businesses and planning for the transition of their wealth and their business. The course concludes with 4 family owned business cases in which we cover lessons learned and the errors commonly occurring with succession planning.

Learning Objectives
Students will be walked through real-life stories and on what ‘not to do’ on planning for the transition of a family-owned business. Combination of technical and soft skills covered.

Topics Covered
Tax and insurance planning techniques on addressing how to guide family-owned businesses through succession planning.  


President, AMS Wealth Inc.

Tony Salgado, CPA, CA, CFP, CLU

Tony is a tax & estate accountant and insurance advisor working with family-owned businesses providing estate, insurance and succesion planning solutions and strategies. Tony will provide sophisticated estate & insurance planning alternatives with a focus in helping business owners identify issues and opportunities relating to business succession planning. This approach will help clients through the complexities of wealth transition and tax minimization strategies.