Clients and colleagues prefer brevity over verbosity. In this practical webinar, you will receive tips for using fewer words in your business writing. By writing concisely, you will reduce the amount of time that it takes for your readers to review your emails and documents.

After covering conciseness, you will shift your focus to a second topic: attention to detail. When clients detect attention to detail, they gain trust in their accountant’s ability as a professional. However, when clients detect sloppiness, they doubt whether an accountant has the competence to meet their needs. As part of this topic, you will learn about the most common writing errors made by accountants, to ensure that you avoid these errors in your own business writing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Omitting unnecessary words
  • Condensing verbose phrases
  • Writing in the active voice – but also, knowing when the passive voice is more appropriate
  • Eliminating costly mistakes relating to grammar and usage
  • Choosing pronouns that are politically correct
  • Avoiding the traps of technological aids, such as “spell check”


Ryan Standil

Ryan Standil leads CPD programs about effective written communication. The goal of the programs is to teach participants how to view their own writing from the perspective of their readers. Before he became a writing instructor, Ryan worked at a law firm in Toronto. Ryan attended Western University, in London, Ontario, where he graduated from the HBA program at the Ivey Business School and the JD program at the Faculty of Law. Today, Ryan delivers presentations at CPA Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario, and individual firms.