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What EY USA’s $100 million fine means for the CPA Profession

Have you read the news report that the SEC fined EY in the USA $100 million for cheating on the ethics component in the CPA exams and in ethics continuing professional development courses? They reported this cheating has been going on since 2012 and EY lied to the regulators during their investigation.

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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution (and why CPAs should care)?

The 1st Industrial Revolution was the steam engine.

The 2nd Industrial Revolution was electricity.

The 3rd Industrial Revolution was computing.

And now the 4th Industrial Revolution is about intelligence - smart automation, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, machine learning and biotechnology.

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A Code of Conduct for a More Responsible Government

Do you feel unsure about how to elect the best candidates and the best parties for your city, province or country?

I don’t blame you.

The candidates and their parties speak about their priorities and make many promises. They appeal to our desire for a better future. Their experts advise them on the words and phrases to use to appeal to each type of voter. Often, after the election we realize that many promises are not kept and voters feel buyer remorse.

What can we do about this? Not much, except to vote them out and try another candidate or party. Then this cycle repeats again.

How do we break the cycle?

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Networking - Have you been reluctant?

Are you reluctant to attend networking events – conventions, trade shows, industry association meetings, alumni events, company conferences and such events? Have you thought about why you choose not to attend these events?

I started thinking about this and came up with two factors – our beliefs and our fears.

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Networking Effectively - My Top Do's and Don'ts

Last week, I attended a University alumni event and had a great time – met many wonderful people and learned so much in a single evening. I started reflecting on why I had such a good time, and whether others also had a good time. I believe many people misunderstand networking opportunities and might even decline the invitation. However, I find in my own life experience that networking is the most powerful method of achieving our personal and business goals. Several opportunities came my way simply because I struck up a conversation with an unknown person. This even led to significant career changes – changes that I could not have anticipated or planned at all.

So let me humbly share my Do's and Don’ts when it comes to networking.

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4 Ways to Respond Ethically During a Crisis

Each organization will have its own challenges during a crisis. There are no right or wrong ways to do things, however, navigating the crisis using an ethical compass is crucial. Here are 4 ways Arun suggests you can respond ethically during a crisis.

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Remaining Optimistic

At the start of the pandemic last year, we polled over 2,000 Canadian professionals to ask when they thought their business activities would return to “normal”. Looking back at those polling results now, one year later, has been fascinating.

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Ethics Spotlight - Gravity Payments

Almost every single employee volunteered to take a temporary pay-cut of 5%-100% during the pandemic. Read more about how the employees at Gravity Payments responded during the pandemic.

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What can we learn from a coffee shop employee?

A few days ago, I was reminded about something a friend of mine wrote in my grade 10 yearbook. He wrote: ‘The more you cultivate the more you gain’.  It got me thinking - in the 50 years that have passed since this was written in my yearbook, what have I cultivated? Where have I devoted my time and energy? What have I gained?

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1+1 can equal more than 2

I read a book written by Wallace D. Wattles, and would like to share an idea that could improve your life and the lives of many others.  He said we should give more in ‘use value’ than we take in ‘cash value’. This applies to every business transaction and even to social and family interactions. 

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