Are you looking for Ethics, ESG, Sustainability or Governance training for your team?

Arun is the owner and lead instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. and has over 40 years of experience as an accountant, trainer, board member and community leader. He has worked with hundreds of organizations and presented to thousands of CPAs and business professionals around the world. Arun is an expert at explaining why strengthening and utilizing our ethical compasses is so important, and demonstrating how there is a return on investment from operating ethically for individuals and businesses. Through his practical insights and unique perspectives, he empowers CPAs and business professionals to improve governance and cultivate strong ethical leadership in their organizations. Arun’s dynamic energy and passion for his work has made him a sought after speaker.

4 hour Ethics sessions

Arun can speak at events of all sizes, ranging from small group to keynote style deliveries.

  • Ethics in Professional Practice – What CPAs Need to Know

    Our profession requires its members to protect the public interest, and this is done through the robust requirements contained in our code of professional conduct. This is because third parties, such as investors, lenders, regulators and the public rely on our work for their well being. This places the practitioner between the requirements of laws, regulations, standards and rules (including the code of professional conduct) and the demands our clients make as paying customers. Often, these demands contradict the rules and regulations. Therefore, we see professional practice as a balancing act between these two forces. Therefore, the key question is: how can you build high-trust relationships with clients while staying at arms length, remaining independent and still complying with all the rules?

  • Business Ethics - What Canadian CPAs Need to Know

    This session provides CPAs with the tools to consider business ethics in specific situations. We examine the impact of ethical behaviour on an organization’s bottom line and its stakeholders. We deal with tough ethical issues that board members, managers and auditors encounter in fulfilling their duties. We examine case studies to consider results of ethical and unethical approaches to business decisions. We also examine the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, and the profession’s guidance on ethics. This course will help members achieve their personal and career development goals and strengthen the ethical environment of their organizations.

  • Ethics and the Changing Role of Corporations in Society

    This comprehensive session provides business professionals with an in-depth understanding of why ethical practices are fundamental to the success and longevity of any organization today - no matter the industry, type or size of the organization. It describes how individual employees, teams, and corporations can navigate complex and challenging situations using an ethical mindset. Using plenty of real-life examples and several case studies, the course will demonstrate that there is a return on investment from ethical business practices, and that our standards and expectations for business ethics are rising, and rightly so.