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Arun is the owner and lead instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. and has over 40 years of experience as an accountant, trainer, board member and community leader. He has worked with hundreds of organizations and presented to thousands of CPAs and business professionals around the world. Arun is an expert at explaining why strengthening and utilizing our ethical compasses is so important, and demonstrating how there is a return on investment from operating ethically for individuals and businesses. Through his practical insights and unique perspectives, he empowers CPAs and business professionals to improve governance and cultivate strong ethical leadership in their organizations. Arun’s dynamic energy and passion for his work has made him a sought after speaker.

Speaking Topics

Arun can speak at events of all sizes, ranging from small group to keynote style deliveries.

  • ROI on Business Ethics
    "There is an ROI on ethical decision making". This is Arun's key message that he wants to impart on his audiences. In spending the last four decades on the ground in conversations with business professionals, Arun has learned all about the challenges they face when dealing with ethical issues in the workplace. Arun leverages case studies, current research and useful frameworks in a practical way to unpack these issues and offer his advice. Arun has now taught and presented to tens of thousands of CPAs, corporate leaders and business professionals, consistently garnering praise for his delivery style.

  • Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis
    The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the issues of risk management and crisis preparedness. But where does business ethics fit into the conversation? Here, Arun discusses the role and the implications of ethical decision-making during unexpected crises. Using real examples and cases, he examines how organizations handled the pressure, made difficult decisions, dealt with their stakeholders and how they lived up (or not) to their core values. This talk will show the audience how to apply their ethical values with confidence and grace in challenging situations.

  • Role of the Professional Accountant in ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance)
    One of the most important elements of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct is the guiding principle that CPAs must protect the public interest. What does this really mean? How can we ensure this expectation is being met and that CPAs are fulfilling this role? Arun dives into these topics and discusses how they relate to the evolving corporate landscape. We are in the age of disruption – environmental, social and economic sustainability are the new order of business, and everyone is expected to be on board, focusing on profit AND purpose. Why is this important, and how can we make this happen?