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Arun is the owner and lead instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. and has over 40 years of experience as an accountant, trainer, board member and community leader. He has worked with hundreds of organizations and presented to thousands of CPAs and business professionals around the world. Arun is an expert at explaining why strengthening and utilizing our ethical compasses is so important, and demonstrating how there is a return on investment from operating ethically for individuals and businesses. Through his practical insights and unique perspectives, he empowers CPAs and business professionals to improve governance and cultivate strong ethical leadership in their organizations. Arun’s dynamic energy and passion for his work has made him a sought after speaker.

Speaking Topics

Arun can speak at events of all sizes, ranging from small group to keynote style deliveries.

  • The ESG Train is Leaving the Station - Are you on it?

    The roles and responsibilities of the CPA are evolving. The recent establishment of the ISSB and the increasing focus on ESG and sustainability related standards will require CPAs to be well-informed and provide guidance on these emerging matters. In the coming years, CPAs will play a central role in helping organizations deal with risk assessment and mitigation, evolving reporting standards, forecasting and strategic decision-making. CPAs must therefore adapt quickly and learn how to assist with developing, implementing and evaluating successful ESG and sustainability initiatives during these disruptive times. This presentation will highlight what CPAs need to know so that they are ready for what is coming and are not ‘left behind.’

  • Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the issues of risk management and crisis preparedness. But where does business ethics fit into the conversation? This presentation will discuss the role and implications of ethics during unexpected crises. Using real examples and cases, Arun will examine how organizations have handled pressure, made difficult decisions, dealt with their stakeholders and how they lived up (or not) to their core values. This presentation will show the audience how to apply their ethical values with confidence and grace in challenging situations. It will also discuss the returns on investment from ethical business practices, and demonstrate why having a strong ethical foundation is critical to an organization’s long term success.

  • Responding to NOCLAR from the Public Business Accountants’ Perspective

    The accounting profession has a responsibility to protect stakeholders and the general public from harm caused by violation of laws and regulations. However, in navigating sensitive and complex situations dealing with such matters, professional accountants often struggle to balance confidentiality with ethics. In 2017, the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants created a standard to provide a first-of-its-kind framework to help guide professional accountants in what actions to take in the public interest when they become aware of a potential illegal act, known as Non-compliance to Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR) committed by a client or employer. This presentation will give the audience an in-depth overview of why this framework exists, what guidance it provides, and how it can help professional accountants carry out their ethical duties to report NOCLAR in the public interest.