This course provides a step-by-step approach to using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a professional practice. It discusses in detail the various types of KPIs and the benefits of utilizing KPIs in a professional practice. It walks business professionals through the process of implementing them, including challenges and benefits that may arise. A case study is used to show how others have used KPIs successfully in a professional practice and to demonstrate how they can be of tremendous use to an organization. This course will help CPAs working in professional practice to use KPIs in managing and controlling their practices and to improve their bottom line. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Define KPIs and explain how and why they are used.
  2. Explain the benefits of using KPIs.
  3. Define and identify high level and low level KPIs.
  4. Define and identify financial and non-financial KPIs.
  5. Explain who should take responsibility for KPIs in an organization.
  6. Identify the reasons that a KPI analysis can be triggered.
  7. Summarize the step-by-step process of a KPI analysis and implementation. 
  8. Apply the KPI analysis process to a real life case study.

Topics Covered

  • Definition and guiding principles of KPIs 
  • Benefits of using KPIs
  • High and low level KPIs
  • Financial KPIs
  • Non-financial KPIs
  • Common financial and non-financial KPIs 
  • Triggers of a KPI analysis
  • Example of a KPI analysis in the public sector, including the process and KPIs developed
  • Accounting practice case study, with step-by-step discussion of a KPI consultant’s analysis, proposed solutions and outcomes

What others have said about this course

Course Participant

This course was a good place for everyone who needs to practice for the exam in KPI. Plus, the given question and answer segment is very helpful and easy to understand.

Course Participant

Thanks to this course I passed my examination. The questionnaires included in my exam are tough and difficult, but this course prepared everyone for this level of difficulty.


Founder and Lead Instructor, UltimQuest Knowledge Inc.

Arun K. Mathur, FCPA, FCA, LPA

Arun is Partner at Gerald Duthie & Co. LLP, where he provides professional services to a diverse group of clients. Arun is also Owner and Lead Instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. He has been delivering corporate training on improving governance, ethics, internal control, performance measurement and related topics. He provides live and online training through CPA bodies across Canada and Bermuda. Arun served for several years on the Board for HealthForce Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, and was also Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee there and for the Trillium Gift of Life Network. He has served on the CMA Ontario's Review Committee prior to the merger.