Our current work environment is tough: lockdowns, layoffs, constant disruption, and highly competitive. How do you make your voice heard? Have more positive influence? Get noticed? Appreciated? How do you fire up your team and generate more value? Especially if your team is virtual?

Here is the secret: Your focus on followership is just as important as your focus on leadership. Research shows that improved focus on followership translates into an organizational improvement of 17-43% in accountability, productivity, creativity, and engagement. Join two of the world’s experts in followership, Dr. Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz for a lively, transformative, and “pracademic” session.

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest academic research in followership and leadership
  • Understanding of what followership is and how to get more of it
  • Awareness of the value and potential of followership for yourself and your team
  • Practical tips for distinguishing yourself in today’s highly competitive environment

This course is a recording of a live Webinar from May 2020.

Dr. Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz

FliP U Team

What if online learning was even better than in-person? At FliP University, we’ve taken the best of in-person workshops and put it online. Our content is pracademic, whimsical, transformative and thoroughly modern, at the forefront of organizational needs. It is based on research from cognitive neuroscience, creativity, social, organizational and positive psychology, learning theory, and clinical practice. You can have your cake and eat it too! Dr. Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz are the co-founders of FliP U and co-authors of Leadership is Half the Story. In addition, we are proud to collaborate with BK Chan and Tim Hurson as adjunct professors of FliP U. Check out all our courses: Be a leader people want to follow, Followership: The F-word that complements leadership,The Neuroscience of Work, Emotional Intelligence, Collaborative Decision Making, Be a Better Ally, and more.