This video-based course provides practical guidance on public speaking engagements, from start to finish. It is designed to help professionals become better and more confident at public speaking. It explains how to be more effective at each stage of the process, including the planning and delivery. The instructor will also interview a Leadership Presence expert and coach to explain techniques used by professional public speakers to help you improve your skills.

We welcome our special guest speaker Diane Craig who is the President and Founder of Corporate Class Inc. who shares her tips for public speaking success.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the benefits of cultivating public speaking skills.
  2. Identify the key steps in preparation of a public speaking engagement.
  3. Establish a method to write notes for a public speaking engagement.
  4. Identify tools that can be used to increase engagement during a presentation.
  5. Learn professional public speaking tips from a leadership presence coach.

Topics Covered

  • Potential benefits of public speaking
  • Obtaining audience knowledge, organizing information
  • Structuring key messages, opening and closing statements
  • Rehearsal and preparation
  • Room set up
  • Body language, use of voice, mental attitude and delivery tips
  • Audience interaction – Q & A, confidence, timing
  • Interview with an expert public speaking coach

What others have said about this course

“Good course, enjoyed the real life examples.”

Course Participant

“Thanks to this course, I am now confident to give a presentation as well as speak in public. This course surely provided us amazing tools along with inspiration to deliver every word in public efficiently. Every content included in this course was useful and interesting. Thank you for the full effort to help us mold ourselves. Highly recommended!”

Course Participant


Arun K. Mathur, FCPA, FCA, LPA

Founder and Lead Instructor, UltimQuest Knowledge Inc.

Arun is Partner at Gerald Duthie & Co. LLP, where he provides professional services to a diverse group of clients. Arun is also Owner and Lead Instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. He has been delivering corporate training on improving governance, ethics, internal control, performance measurement and related topics. He provides live and online training through CPA bodies across Canada and Bermuda. Arun served for several years on the Board for HealthForce Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, and was also Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee there and for the Trillium Gift of Life Network. He has served on the CMA Ontario's Review Committee prior to the merger.