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  • I wanted to let you know that I, like many other CPAs I imagine, took your course to fulfill my ethics course obligations. I was not necessarily looking forward to it, nor was I opposed to it. However, let me say that after taking your course I can honestly say it was the most informative, perspective setting, relevant and transferable course I have taken. It was clear and concise with thought provoking and valuable information. While I have always considered myself as ethical it provided a framework for implementing that thought process into my professional life.

  • It was an amazing course that everyone needs to take. The key information about each topic was outstanding and useful. I loved how the instructor explained things in such a simple way.
    (CPA Code of Conduct Participant)

  • The instructor kept the course interesting lots of personal anecdotes of his governance-related experiences.
    (Improving Governance in the NFP Sector Participant)

  • The instructor’s demeanour, level of engagement and overall presentation were fantastic. He made the material interesting and valuable.
    (Improving Canadian Corporate Governance Participant)

  • Thanks to this course I passed my examination. The questionnaires included in my exam were difficult, but this course prepared everyone for this level of difficulty.
    (KPIs in Professional Practice Participant)

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