If you are a CPA professional in a leadership role, or you are working towards a leadership role in your organization, this course will provide you with the guidance, tools and resources you need to feel confident in dealing with matters of Ethics and Risk. 


You will gain knowledge about the return on investment from ethical decision making, practical guidance on the implementation of ethical infrastructure in your organization, and a detailed decision-making framework you can use when navigating unexpected ethical dilemmas. You will learn about the structure and contents of the CPA Professional Code of Conduct, and how the Code is actually enforced. 


Enterprise risk management principles and processes, including the Risk Appetite Approach, will be discussed in detail. Using a case study and additional resources that you will be given, you will learn how to establish a risk management system in your own organization. Finally, you will learn about the legislated requirements for internal control in Canadian organizations, and consider how to comply with SOX and Canadian SEC requirements. You will learn about the Canadian Practice Inspection findings related to internal control, and will be guided through your own set of questions and considerations to think about as a board member, manager or an auditor. Methods to evaluate fraud risk and potential weaknesses in your organization will also be examined.