Check out the courses included in this package

This package is appropriate for those who maintain their CPA designation but work outside the field. This package includes 10 courses of verified CPD content.

  • Inclusive Leadership: Be a leader people WANT to follow (4 hours)

  • Emotional Intelligence: Make deeper connections (3 hours)

  • Neuroscience at Work: work smarter, not harder (3 hours)

  • Real Estate Investment - Minimize Losses & Maximize Gains ( 3hours)

  • Conducting Effective Meetings (2 hours)

  • Death, Taxes and Insurance for Business Owners (1 hour)

  • Plain language communication (1 hour)

  • Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis (1 hour)

  • Readability in Business Writing (1 hour)

  • Fraud Prevention (1 hour)